Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bourne, Browns, Hawk

At least most of the title of this is positive.  I had a Bourne marathon last night and this morning.  Great movies, in my opinion.  I love the twists and turns and makes me wonder how corrupt "the man" really might be.  The Browns are such of a letdown.  They compete and then fall apart... It is getting hard to root for them, but I will...  I got into the station and we are lucky enough to have "Sixer" back on the top of the transmission tower.  That's what we call the hawk that sits up there.  I set up a time lapse of him looking around for food below and he occasionally would stop and look at his reflection in the camera lense.

Got a lot planed for my days off for the next few days.  Monday will be a lot of running errands and trying to make contacts for my environmental beat that I have for work.  So if you every have an environmental story... let me know!  Tuesday I have a meeting with a talent coach at work to go over my material over the last few weeks.  I will hurry, from there, pick up Dawn, then pick up a Uhaul trailer then head back to Dayton.  I still have a little left to bring up here.  I am also getting new tires on my truck while I will be back in Dayton.  I will drop off the trailer at the house, load up a moped in the truck bed, run Dawn to her cousin's(to work), run my truck to the tire shop, ride my moped back to the house, load up the trailer, ride my moped back to the shop, load my moped in my truck, drive back to the house, get hooked back up to the trailer, pick up Dawn, drive back to Columbus, unload the trailer, and drop it back off by 6PM when they close.  Yea... jam packed Tuesday.

Cool and clear tonight...great for a walk.  Increasing clouds for Monday, so starting off mostly sunny with mostly cloudy skies by the late afternoon.  We will be a little warmer with highs near 80 and then showers and storms arriving for the evening, overnight, and for Tuesday.  The heaviest rain looks to be early Tuesday.  That will cool off our highs back into the mid-upper 60`s for Tuesday and Wednesday and the morning lows on Wednesday and Thursday will be in the mid 40`s with some outlying areas possibly dipping into the upper 30`s.  Some Northern locations may see a light frost.  Sunshine will return for Wednesday and Thursday, but more rain for late Friday into early Saturday.  After the cool afternoons on Tuesday and Wednesday we will rebound back into the mid 70`s for highs for the rest of the week and into next weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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