Sunday, September 30, 2012

Twister, Homeland, & Apple Cider

Quite a fun Saturday night.  I met up with a few college buddies and after horrible service we decided to go back to my place.  The night was full of laughs and quoting every line of Twister.  Nerdy night indeed.  This morning I woke up and realized the entire first season of Homeland tapped on DVR.  I only watched four and a half hours of the show... a little addicting.  Good stuff and super excited to finish the first season and catch the first episode tonight.  Huge thanks to Showtime for getting me caught up.  Dexter also starts tonight... super stoked.  I enjoyed my relaxing morning with a few tall glasses of apple cider.  Apple cider is one of the greatest parts of fall.  LOVE it!

Hard to believe that my "weekend" starts tonight.  Doing the weather a few days for Bill Kelly made my week fly by.  I am rebuilding the e50 clutch on my Maxi tomorrow.  It is engaging all the time now so I need to dig into that.  Not sure what the issue is yet.  I also need to check the front disc brake.  It appears it may have been slightly bent during my loose gravel accident last month.  Not much, but I may try tweaking it back.  I also need to track down a new groomer for Buckeye.  If anyone has any recommendations on a groomer in Columbus that would be great.  We prefer one that has appointments because since he is blind he is very nervous being stuck in a cage for any period of time.  On to the forecast....

Chilly temps to start the workweek, but increasing clouds Monday as gulf moisture pushes into the Ohio Valley.  Rain will arrive later Monday afternoon and evening and the scattered rain will stick around through the middle of the week.  The heaviest of the rain will be Monday night into Tuesday morning.  With the gulf moisture, we will also see our temperatures push into the mid 75`s until a strong cold front arrives Friday with more rain and cooler temperatures for next weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Michael

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