Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mobile Update: Rain coming earlier

I discovered a shortcut to the bike/running path today while on a morning jog. Shady, but a shortcut. Still not sure about it. Apparently the locals call it the Itch Ditch. Appealing, I know.

The rain coming is speeding up and looks to be here Friday now. I think it could be here as early as the late morning according to the forecast models today, the out of here by the evening. It will be in and out of the Ohio Valley with much less of a severe threat compared to last week. We will not have that sticky, hot air. So to break it down, hot and hazy tomorrow, Thursday, then scattered showers with a few storms Friday. We will cool off for the weekend with only a few clouds. More rain for the middle of next week. I hope to have a more in-depth look at our chances for any severe weather for Friday in tomorrow's entry. Hit the pool before it is too late and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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