Thursday, September 6, 2012

I found an old friend...

Quick entry while I have a quick second...  I just did a live shot outside and got SOAKED!  It was the only thunderstorm for a hundred miles, but I had to bring the story about the West Nile Virus Advisory.  Luckily the rain played a nice little added role to talk about standing water... roll with the punches, roll with the punches.  But things are going well and I finally caught up with Pete yesterday morning.  He is his good old self... but maybe a little less goofy compared to what Dayton may remember... almost like he has grown up.  I have been busy building some sweet new graphics and settling in at work.  Tomorrow I start my training with the cameras and editing equipment so that should be fun.

Other than a spotty shower tonight we will remain dry for the Ohio Valley.  Friday will be toasty near 90 for the high and the humidity making it feel like the mid 90's so stay hydrated.  Clouds increase tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms for Friday night into early Saturday morning.  Most of this rain will be overnight so the rain will arrive just around or after sunset and then push through and out of here by daybreak or shortly after.  Some of the rain will be pretty strong and there is a slight chance for severe weather.  Mainly strong winds and hail, so stay alert.  I will hopefully have an update from the road tomorrow.  The rain will push out of here just in time for the Ohio State game at noon on Saturday.  The rain will bring in much cooler temperatures for the rest of the weekend and early next week.  We do appear to bounce back to near 80 for later next week, but enjoy the highs in the lower 70's for the start of the week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Just a little water won't hurt

  2. Hey Andrew, will miss you on Dayton 's ABC 22. You and Pete Scalia. I hope Megan Mongillo will stay with us.


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