Sunday, September 2, 2012

A new chapter... Columbus, Ohio

Well, the move is done... other than unpacking all the boxes.  Dawn, Buckeye, and I had a ton of help from our amazing friends and family in Dayton and Columbus.  We did have a small hick-up trying to get our moving truck... apparently the rental was only for an "in town move" and we had to run to another place to get a truck for the move because a lot of people already changed their plans to help us for the "one way move."  We still stuck to our schedule and a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped us yesterday.  I get a happy, giddy feeling every time I drive into work and get to pass Ohio State and downtown Columbus.  I love this city and have missed it a lot over the last four years.  As excited as I was to get up here... Dayton wasn't ready to just let me go...

I went out to lunch Thursday, the day after my final day on-air.  A couple of the local meteorologists at the competitors stations wanted to take me out one final time and it was a lot of fun.  I figured it was my final opportunity to ride my moped in Dayton.  I was on my way home when I hit a patch of loose gravel.  If you have talked to anyone who rides a motorcycle, moped, scooter, or bicycle... loose gravel is your worst nightmare.  I was slowing down and only going about ten miles an hour and the bike slid out from under me and my skin met the pavement.  If you check my Instagram or Twitter feed you can see a much more impressive photo of the road rash, but I figured I would leave it off of here.  I have been bandaging it up to keep the bleeding and pus to spread minimally.  I have been cleaning it and taking care of it... no worries.  And the bike saw barely any scratches...just pedal, seat, and luggage rack...if you look hard.
Light showers and a few storms will continue Sunday night for the Ohio Valley.  The remnants from Hurricane Isaac is keeping us mostly cloudy with hit or miss rain.  The warm temperatures, humidity and isolated rain will continue into the start of the week.  Labor Day will not be a washout so firing up the grill will be possible...just might want to take a quick peak at the radar to see if any rain is around the corner.  The system will move eastward and we dry out a little more for the second half of the week with cooler temperatures on the way for next weekend, but we may have to trade that off for a little rain Saturday.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Dude, I didn't even know you left! But I do understand, with the revolving door at 22/45, I would be apt to jump to a bigger market too. I guess we'll have to watch you on their website since I don't get CMH stations on my cable

    Nasty bruise, hope that thing heals! Have a good weekend

  2. Oh, ouch! That doesn't look good at all. I'll stay inside my Ford Edge and open the sun roof when I want some outside air. ;)

    All the very best in your new digs!



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