Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Call me Andrew Powers

 My "Sunday" was a meeting two hours earlier than my normal shift at work... went very well.  It was with a talent coach and she had some very good pointers to clean up my performance a little bit... nothing too big. We finished the meeting chatting about mopeds.
 I then hurried back to Dayton with a UHaul hitched to my truck.  I dropped the trailer off at the house because I was getting new tires while loading the trailer.  HUGE thanks to Chris Mulcahy for running me to the tire shop and for helping me load.  We did it pretty quickly.  The new tires are sooooo smooth and quiet, surprisingly.  (But not cheap)
It was kinda sad to completely clear out the house and say goodbye to Dayton in my rear view mirror., but onward I pressed, up to Columbus.  Mopeds doing about 65 on the highway when the trailer wasn't fishtailing.  Scary stuff.
 I was left to unload by myself because everyone was working.  It went pretty quick, but I still need to organize everything.  I put it in there in its basic spots, but not how I really would want it... Then again, if we are looking into a house in a few months then I don't know how much I will really take out of the boxes.
  I had to try to figure out how to get the trailer and truck out of there and it was quite the maneuvering trick to get the truck and trailer out of a dead end street.  There was no way that I wanted to back it all the way down.  Austin Powers might have been hilarious, but he didn't have a trailer.  Now I am home, sore, and dirty... but happy to have everything moved and secured.

It was a bit cooler this afternoon and evening once the rain moved out.  Tonight lows will be near 40, so maybe a little light frost to the Northern outlying areas.  Plenty of sun til the end of the week when rain will return for Friday night and for the third week in a row it looks like the rain will move out of here just in time for the Buckeyes football game.  I MAY be going to the game.  I know someone who has great tickets that they may be trying to find someone to give them to.  Still up in the air, but I would LOVE to go back to another game... It has been two years now... I want to feel those chills from the best damn band in the land march onto the field.  Anyway, no rain til Friday night and it looks pretty light.  Cool temperatures for the foreseeable future, warming into the mid 70's later this week and then 60's for the weekend.  I am off to try to get Dawn to give me a back massage...likely won't happen.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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