Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photo shoot

Today has been quite interesting.  It was my turn, along with Adam Aaro, to get our new head shot pictures for the news.  It was super professional.  Someone was there to do my makeup and give me pointers on my new hair style/makeup. The studio was impressive and the photographer also used part of it to store some of his British cars including a sick Triumph roadster car that he restored.  We also talked a little about mopeds too... naturally.  They will print off about twenty of the best photos and then I get to pick the one that I like the best... pretty rad.  So the photo you see of me on the web, or station's facebook, or station's twitter, or if I do a phoner into the station... it will come from today's shoot.

A comfortable evening for Ohio.  Most of the area will stay dry, but there is a slim chance for a stray shower.  Our temperatures will stay a little more mild with and overnight low in the mid 50`s and clouds sticking around.  We start of Friday dry, but showers and a few rumbles of thunder will arrive in the afternoon and will stick around thru Friday night.  We will warm into the low 70`s for Friday then our highs will fall into the 60`s for the weekend, so cooler.  The rain will clear out early Saturday, but a few isolated showers may persist, mainly to the north.  We finish off the weekend with the cool temps and sunshine, which will roll into the start off next week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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