Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Parents visit

After a busy day at work I hurried home to pick up Dawn and meet my parents and brother for dinner. They are health nuts but find Wendy's acceptable to eat(even though I know they feel guilty doing it). It was great to see them as they were passing through town to help my other brother, Clark, move to Wooster for a new job. My brother, Marcus, who is going to Ohio State, is who met us. I also got to see their new car because their 2000 Town and Country finally was on its last legs with almost (maybe over) 400,000 miles. My dad takes great care of his cars. Good times. I am now home after a long day to watch the finale of Big Brother with Dawn. She got me hooked halfway through the season.

Next best chance for rain is Friday late afternoon/night as another cool blast of air arrives for the weekend. We will get into the kid 70's the next few days, but then mid 60's this weekend. We could see a few stronger cells late Friday, but not enough heat and instability for a major outbreak. Then we cool off for the keep the jacket nearby. Have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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