Saturday, September 8, 2012

Busy 24 hours, no more bandages

I tried something new yesterday... blog entry from the road.  I figure I am going to be out and about so much I may post a few of the quick entries as I am running around.  They might not always have my forecast, but at least they should be fun.  It seems like a week ago since that.  I did a lot of training around the station on new photog gear and editing software.  I then went out to Dublin Coffman for the football game.  I got to enjoy a fun evening with friends and spotted a moped near campus.  Then I came back into the station just after midnight and helped Bill Kelly track storms.  We did have one tornado warning for the area, but luckily it was only radar indicated rotation and no tornado was reported touching down.  I got home and went to bed just after 6AM.

I am finally done with bandages for my arm.  The tape was starting to cause my skin to react with a rash after 8 days on and only taken off for showers.  The road rash heeled up GREAT in those eight days.  It is still very tender and a little scabbing, but not a normal scab... almost like a soft scab.  Anyway, hopefully getting some air and what not I should be back to 100% very soon.  Which is good because my mopeds will be up in Columbus soon.  I am going to look at a garage to rent on Monday and then I will have to run home to get everything when I get some free time.  I think one of the local rad mopeders will be chipping in on the garage as well which will be sweet and my wife will be a little happier that the cost will go down. 

Quite a fantastic Saturday after such a stormy Friday night.  The cool weather will stick around for early Sunday and then a cold front swinging down from the north my trigger off an isolated shower or two for the afternoon on Sunday with highs in the lower 70's.  High pressure will build into the are for the the workweek with plenty of sunshine and temperatures slowly warming through the week ahead.  By the end of the week we will be back in the mid 80's, BUT with low humidity.  Long term forecast has another cold front arriving near next weekend with another chance for rain.  Enjoy the cool temps and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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