Sunday, September 9, 2012

Loving the energy at new station

I will be the first admit that I live my life through photos.  This blog over a year ago is what got me to really take it to the next level... then came along Instagram.  I looked back over the last week and I have about a hundred photos.  Some I post, most I do not.  I love the fact that a lot of the people I work with have that same hobby.  We are taking photos, sharing, commenting, critiquing,  and continuing.  I have not had a good photo of me at the wall since I was in Lima as the Chief Meteorologist.  Shame. 

Here is a little side note.  My wife got on my case because she was saying that the words in the teleprompter are there for me... not true for me at the wall.  I have to add the text for closed captioning for the hearing impaired.  I actually see myself instead of the words when I am at the wall.  BUT, if you read carefully you will notice that the text that I put into the close captioning is the same as my blog forecast for the day.  Unique and multi platform...gotta love it.

Speaking of the forecast... An isolated shower is possible Sunday night, but they are more miss than hit and very light.  High pressure roles in for Monday and much of the week ahead.  More sunshine Monday and that sun will be sticking around until the end of the week when the next cold front will bring in a chance for rain by next weekend.  Highs the next couple days will be in the mid-upper 70's followed by mid 80's at the end of the week with low humidity.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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