Thursday, September 27, 2012

Signs of Fall and a game...for YOU!

Due to a change in schedule I will be in the weather center tonight, tomorrow night, and this weekend.  Excited to get more time under my belt.  A lot of the things are the same, but I am doing a lot of behind the scenes model updates so I will have more time to plug away at those.  I don't know about the trees where you live, but they are surely changing here.  I took Buckeye out for a walk and it was surprising how much the trees are already changing... but then again, October is only a few days away.
So I obviously love my mopeds... well 1977 Mopeds has taken a step forward in the moped scene.  They launched a new website and that includes  There has always been a tuning spreadsheet on Moped Army, but now it includes pictures.  I have three of my bikes on there.  So the game for you... if you read my blog on a semi-normal basis it should be easy... go through the pictures of the mopeds and try to find mine.  One should be a gimme because I am in the photo with it.  It is really rad to have all of the builds and photos available in one, clean, orderly location.  I am excited to see more bikes as they continue to filter in.  It also is like Facebook where you can comment and like bikes if you have an account with 1977 Mopeds... and if you don't then it only takes a minute.  Anyway, check it out.  There are some really awesome builds on there.

This rain has been nice, but I am ready for it to kick out of here.  The front has been sitting just north of us the last few days and it will slowly shift south today ending our rain tonight.  There is a very, very slight chance for rain, mainly north, for Sunday, but other than that... we will dry out for a while.  Which will be nice for any fall foliage viewing this weekend.  I will keep you posted on the chance for rain this weekend, but, again, the good news is the steady hit or miss rain will end by tomorrow.  Our highs will stay in the upper 60's and low 70's through the weekend then maybe trying to get to 80 later next week.  Find my bikes and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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