Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Flurries on Saturday???

Even though, it is unlikely... the models, for the first time this season, are showing flurries on Saturday for Ohio. (Click images to enlarge)
The cold front will come through early Friday and the above image if for Saturday at 2PM.  Notice the cold pocket of air sweeping into Ohio.  The freezing level will be about 0.75 miles up... so just a few thousand feet.  Which means if there is any precipitation falling... it will only have a short time to thaw out.  So flurries or sprinkles are possible Saturday afternoon.  Higher elevation locations will have best chances for any flurries... but even still... precip amounts are VERY low.
And it will be pretty chilly on Saturday.  Afternoon temps at the surface will only be in the upper 40's!  Big change from the 80-ish we will likely see in the coming couple of days.  Enjoy them while they are here... because winter is just around the corner for Ohio.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall coming, sold the Maxi, #PotatoStock

My wife is not a fan of fall... she says it is just a precursor to winter and she hates winter... But I don't buy it.  I LOVE seeing all the colors burst out this time of the year.  The sunny days that we have had will ensure that the colors will really POP this year.  When you have rainy days in the fall it adds extra sugar to the leaves and causes them to be more brown, but the sun causes a chemical reaction under the surface to give us a show in Ohio in a week or so. 
For anyone who has ready my moped blog, it would be impossible to not see my Weatherman moped build.  My blue and white Maxi was very distinct and many in the moped community knew me by my bike.  I love that bike.
I bought it about four and a half years ago in Tiffin, OH and I gave that bike all the love and upgrades known to the moped community.  But I sold it on Thursday to a very well known moped shop owner in Detroit.  The bike will be on display in the shop and ridden sparingly.  I hope he gets as much enjoyment out of the bike as I have over the years.  It was my final moped and I am not sure where I go from here.  I know someone who wanted to sell me a bike back because they needed the money, but I am not sure.  I was so sad driving up to Detroit thinking about all the friends I have made and all the time and energy... let alone money... that came with the moped family.  So many amazing friends who would give you the shirt of their back.  But, the small motors were always a rattle away from a broken part and once I was on the way back to Columbus, it hit me... I don't own a moped that may blow up on me.  Sure, they are easy to fix if something "blew up" but I have no bike to worry about fixing, or having a project to tweak.  The money from the bike is going toward a down payment on a new house that Dawn and I are closing on in a week.  So the bike will be part of something bigger that will need wrenched on... a house.  It has been a very bittersweet week.  I don't want to lose some of the friends I have made in the community... so I may end up picking up that bike I mentioned... for something to putt around on... who knows...
To raise my spirits, I rode the motorcycle to work this week... Can't wait to have a garage that I can access my bike in 10 seconds, rather than 10 minute drive to the garage. 
I had a lot of fun last night on campus.  It was nice to go back and see how much it all has changed since we went to Ohio State... and boy... did we feel old.
This morning I stopped by Columbus Commons for Potato Stock.  You may remember the Potato Salad that was on Kickstarter that raised $55,000... well the big party/benefit concert was today.  So much fun... all from a little internet joke.

The weather this week will be fantastic!  Another beautiful day on Sunday. A little morning patchy fog will burn off giving way to partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures later in the day.  We stay dry and mild all week long until Friday when a cold front will bring our next chance for rain.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brad Underwood's wedding and dry week ahead!

So happy to be able to be there as one of my good buddies got married last night.  Brad was the anchor at the first station that I worked at, in Lima, Ohio.  We lived in the same building and were good buds.  Congrats to him and Emily!
You may be asking... what is this... well... it is a line graph to show when rain is expected... and there is nothing on there.  It has been a LONG time since I have witnessed an empty precip comparison.  It is going to be a BEAUTIFUL fall week with high temperatures in the 60's tomorrow then 70's the rest of the week with plenty of sunshine all week.  Enjoy it and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Spotty rain on the way

I am loving these fall sunsets.  They are the BEST!  This was from last night near Ohio State.
A cold front is on the way for tonight and tomorrow.  Only expecting general showers and thunderstorms for Central Ohio, but could have some strong to severe storms for Illinois, Northern Indiana, and Western Michigan with strong winds being the main threat.

Patchy fog early Saturday then a mostly sunny start to the day with highs getting into the low 80`s and increasing clouds later.  Scattered showers/storms arrives late Saturday night and showers will be hit or miss on Sunday, but not a washout.  Then we set up for a dry, cool workweek to welcome in Fall officially.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Garden pasta, moped get-together, beautiful weather

There is nothing quite like taking vegetables from the garden, dicing them and just putting them on pasta... Not everything needs a recipe, just grab and go.  So delicious!
Well... the transition from moped to motorcycle was a little odd this week.  I rode my motorcycle to WOT Wednesdays (Wide Open Throttle).  It was different, but my moped is prepped for the buyer and heading to Detroit next Thursday.
I did get to meet this kid, Abu.  He is an awesome kid.  He is 14, with a moped license, and kitted his Tomos and he has a pretty quick bike.  It is inspiring to see some young kids find a hobby and role models to help them along.  
And this weather could not get much better.  It was a beautiful day nearly every single day this week.  I was out doing a story on a bridge being shutdown for two months and messing around with my GoPro for the image above.
I did the weather LIVE tonight from Thursday Night Lights at Harvest Prep.  So many energetic kids out there and the weather couldn't be better.

Well... maybe what we have on tap for Friday and Saturday...   A beautiful start to the weekend is on the way for Central Ohio.  Temperatures will warm up a little with plenty of sunshine for Friday.  A few more clouds Saturday.  Scattered rain for early Sunday, but it will not be a washout.  Then cooler and drier for next week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Two speeches... now my fall looks amazing...

I was the keynote speaker for two events this week.  The first was the MILES Ceremony for Mount Leadership Society at Ohio State.  That was the scholars group I was apart of and it really helped propel me to where I am now.  Then I was the final speaker for the Southern Coals Conference on Wednesday.  The Cincinnati Coal Exchange had a golf outing Tuesday and I hit a drive 280 yards for the longest drive... but someone barely outdid me.  Oh well...
At the Southern Coals Conference I talked about how El Niño and La Niña impacts the temperatures here in the Midwest.  Based on the last few months of data, we are likely going to be dealing with a cooler than average winter in the Midwest.
Thursday I started the morning off preparing to cover storm damage, but luckily the strongest storms stayed north of the viewing area, so I was transitioned to the 9/11 ceremony at the Motts Military Museum in Groveport.  If you have not checked out that place... do it!  There are many tanks, airplanes, helicopters, etc outside and military artifacts from before the Declaration of Independence was signed.  They recently acquired a FDNY fire truck and two police cars that were all smashed during the collapse of the World Trade Center.  They also have other memorabilia from that infamous day.  It is all currently being stored in a barn, but there is a plan in the works for an addition to the museum to display the pieces. Warren Motts is the owner takes the museum very serious and could tell you lengthy stories on every piece in the museum.
The weather today was fantastic!  Cool, light winds, and mostly sunny.
I tried soaking up the weather with Buckeye on the patio this week.  
The weather looks GREAT for the next seven days.  Plenty of sun Sunday with temperatures staying cool.  More sun early Monday then clouds later in the day with a weak cold front.  We could see some scattered showers late Monday into Monday night, but other than that... a very dry week ahead with comfortable temperatures.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Risk for severe weather today

 Parts of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Southern Michigan and Western Ohio are in the Slight Risk for severe weather today.
 The main threat from the storms will be strong, straight lined winds.  
Ohio does not have a very good likely hood of tornadoes.
And the threat for hail is marginal.  Wind is the main threat.
For Ohio the models are showing two waves.  The first wave looks to roll in before sundown.  The above image is 6PM.  then a second wave will form and that will be the main threat for the winds.  We could have some issues with the first wave, but it will likely fall apart some. 

Then get ready for the coolest temperatures in four months.  Time to break out the hoodies!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Storms likely late Wednesday

The next few days look fantastic... but Wednesday could bring some severe weather.  The threats are highlighted above, but strong, damaging winds will be the main area of concern, but also a quick tornado spinning up is not to be ruled out.  Hail is possible, but with the structure of the storms, it is not as big of a threat.  Flooding is also a concern, flash flooding, due to a lot of potential moisture in the atmosphere to rain out.  Stay tuned to the forecast over the coming days.

Backtracking to tonight... Cool temperatures remain tonight with clear skies.  Patchy fog possible in some areas.  More sun to start the workweek with comfortable temperatures. Tuesday a few showers may pop up across Eastern Ohio, otherwise mild and partly cloudy.  More storms expected late Wednesday into early Thursday as a strong cold front brings in even colder temperatures.  Some of the storms may be strong to severe for late Wednesday.  Then MUCH cooler temperatures by next weekend... how about highs in the mid 60's and lows in the mid 40's!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hot week, but MUCH cooler temps coming

Lots of fun this week.. I filled in on the Noon weather this week and then ran out to turn a story for the dinner time shows.  My Wednesday story was pretty awesome.  I used my new work GoPro to do a story on how the Columbus Crew and the Crew Soccer Foundation supply gear and a new field for a Columbus middle school that didn't have a soccer field.
Thursday was SUPER hot, but I had the day off and I washed and waxed my car before the winter season rolls around sooner than we know it.
Friday I mounted my Garmin GPS to my motorcycle for some fall rides I have planned.
I also went for a run Friday while the heat index was 97°.  I LOVE running in the heat.  I have not ran much lately and I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  I wanted to get under the 30 minute mark for a 5k.  I ran it WAY faster in high school, but I need to get back into the swing of things.  I can't wait to break the 20 minute mark... I WILL do it.
Buckeye is a ham when it comes to my GoPro.  He wanted to take up a lot of the camera time.
You can click on the above image to see the cooler temperatures on the way. 

Clouds and remaining sprinkles will continue to move out of Central Ohio this evening, leaving us with clearing skies and some patchy fog forming overnight.  Sunday and Monday look beautiful with cooler temperatures, plenty of sun, and low humidity.  A slight chance for a passing shower, mainly East, on Tuesday.  Then another cold front bringing rain for late Wednesday and early Thursday then even COOLER temperatures by the start of next weekend... Might want to find your jackets! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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