Thursday, September 18, 2014

Garden pasta, moped get-together, beautiful weather

There is nothing quite like taking vegetables from the garden, dicing them and just putting them on pasta... Not everything needs a recipe, just grab and go.  So delicious!
Well... the transition from moped to motorcycle was a little odd this week.  I rode my motorcycle to WOT Wednesdays (Wide Open Throttle).  It was different, but my moped is prepped for the buyer and heading to Detroit next Thursday.
I did get to meet this kid, Abu.  He is an awesome kid.  He is 14, with a moped license, and kitted his Tomos and he has a pretty quick bike.  It is inspiring to see some young kids find a hobby and role models to help them along.  
And this weather could not get much better.  It was a beautiful day nearly every single day this week.  I was out doing a story on a bridge being shutdown for two months and messing around with my GoPro for the image above.
I did the weather LIVE tonight from Thursday Night Lights at Harvest Prep.  So many energetic kids out there and the weather couldn't be better.

Well... maybe what we have on tap for Friday and Saturday...   A beautiful start to the weekend is on the way for Central Ohio.  Temperatures will warm up a little with plenty of sunshine for Friday.  A few more clouds Saturday.  Scattered rain for early Sunday, but it will not be a washout.  Then cooler and drier for next week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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