Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beautiful Day!!

What a COLD morning today, my weather station, in Sidney, showed a low of 25.5 this morning!!  BRRRR!!  I stayed in bed most of the morning and enjoyed a little peace and quiet while watching several episodes of LOST.  Things warmed up this afternoon with all of the sunshine and southwesterly winds.  By the afternoon, temps were in the 50's so I walked over to the park and shot some hoops.  It was a little breezy and that is my excuse why so many shots didn't get into the hoop.  Most of my shots were right on as far as aim, but the distance was a little touchy, most of the time it hit off the back of the rim and came right back to me...

Tomorrow looks to be a lot of the same as today, at least to start the day.  We will see more clouds and rain arrive for later Sunday.  The entire game, Cleveland @ Cincinnati, should be dry and sunny.  Hopefully the Browns can get a second win.  Back to the weather, we will cool things down for next week, especially late into the week... Highs looking like they will be in the mid 30's.

Oh yea, forgot to mention, I was at the entire Coldwater football game last night, where they secured their spot in the game for State.  The state game is this coming Friday, and as of the last I heard, I will be making the trip to the Canton area for that.  I look forward to seeing another high energy game like last night.  It was amazing how much time the Coldwater QB had in the pocket..... He could have taken a phone call while waiting to throw the ball, seriously.  Great game Cavs!!  Best of luck!!

27 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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