Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back after much needed sleep

So we talked the other day about how I was working two doubles back to back on Thursday and Friday..... man did I sleep like a baby last night!!!  I was super super exhausted and could hardly even think properly.... just completely drained.... for some reason, as tired as my body was, it was still kinda hard to tell my body to go to sleep, it wanted to keep up... very weird feeling.  I have pulled all-nighters in college, and such, but after that was through, I would sleep the next few days away.  This was soooo different.  When I got home last night and was talking with Dawn, I just lost my train of thought in the middle of my sentences... it was a new weird feeling running on no gas.  I am sure it wasn't any help to my immune system at all.

But after all that sleep, I came in early today to shoot a story on a new scooter shop that just moved into the area.  It is in Lytle, OH and is called Scooter Source.  The story will air Monday morning and will be on the web as well, once it is on the web, I will link it from here.  I have mentioned it on here that I am into mopeds, which are often confused with scooters.  Mopeds have petals that you can actually pedal like a bicycle to get around and start.  Scooters contain no such thing, they are kick started.  It is always interesting to go on craigslist and see how many people often confuse the two.  But anyways, there was a moped there today, which really made my day!!  It was a Honda Hobbit, which are all the new rage in the mopeding world.  A lot of people are getting Hobbits and restoring them and building them into racers.  Now keep in mind, a stock moped only goes about 25-30 mph, 35 if you are lucky... Racing mopeds normally go around 60 mph, and if you really know what you are doing, like some of my friends in Elkhart, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo, you may be able to get a little faster than that.  And to get back to mopeds vs scooters, the reason I enjoy mopeds more (I used to own a scooter) boils down to three reasons: 1. No motorcycle license is needed for mopeds, but is required for scooters 2. Repairs. 3. Pedals.  Scooters are much more advanced in electronics and motors, etc.  Mopeds are as basic as it gets, and as long as you got spark, compression, and fuel you should get your bike running.  Now I know a lot of the same things apply to scooters, but there is more panels and etc that you have to get into and work around..... Where as the old mopeds I own (1970-1980's), have no side panels, and electronics, well I have 3 wires, one to the headlight, taillight, and spark plug.  Plus if I am riding and it breaks down, I always have two pedals to get me there, although not preferred.

Anyways, I do enjoy two wheeled vehicles and love the feeling of just gliding along and the feeling of freedom.  The shop has a lot of scooters and the new ones offer a lot of options and are quite impressive.  Another impressive part about the shop is all the awards they have won for restorations.  They have a shelf jam-packed with trophies.  Now you know if they can restore a bike from the 70's you can trust them with just about any problems with the bike, so if I was still into scooters, I would definitely talk to these guys... Anyways, the NASCAR race is almost over so I have to spin around and give you the forecast.... Jimmy Johnson just won for you NASCAR fans.

69 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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