Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ohio's Weather Never Gets Old.....

So earlier this week it was warm, beautiful, sunny and down-right perfect.  So only about 3 days later, it is sprinkling, cloudy, dreary, cold, and down-right RAW.  It is one of those days it is so cold and windy you feel your face getting wind-burnt with the temps in the 40's and winds about 15 miles per hour.  And needless to say, I was out in the cold shooting highlights for Wittenberg University football.  Luckily I took gloves because after about a quarter of the game, my hands were about ready to call it a day, but I wasn't able to do the same, haha.  The game was really good, and Witt really laid it on them by winning 28-7.

Not only has the weather made a bitter cold return, but we even had a tornado confirmed yesterday in Clinton County.  The tornado was the weakest possible on the Fujita Scale with only winds of 65 mph.  It knocked over a few small trees and limbs and broke two windows in a barn, but so far no pictures of the tornado itself have came out, and as a matter of fact, the NWS didn't even have a warning for the storm while it was on-going.  It is not common for tornadoes to form in the Fall like this, but in the Miami Valley tornadoes can happen at any time of the year.  I know this personally because I remember the Nov. 22, 1992 F3 tornado that went through Arcanum, my hometown.  I was actually in New Madison when it hit and was at church, where the electric went out as well.  I will recap that on its anniversary, here on the blog, so make sure to read up on that.  But just as a reminder, never let your guard down here in the Miami Valley.

Despite the bad news in the weather currently, we do have good news on the outlook.  Temperatures will be warmer in the coming days and sunshine returning as well.  Now dont get me wrong, I love winter and all the fun it brings, but I would take temps in the 70's over icy conditions anytime.  Ever since I can remember it always seems like Miami Valley citizens love snow when it first falls, but about 6 hours later, they are ready for spring...  Gotta love it!!

62 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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