Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have battled my lack of sleep and currently FULL of energy, now I did have 2 cups of coffee, but didn't really need it.  I have found out if I listen to upbeat dance music, it breaks thru the 4 hours of sleep and keeps you bouncing around and dancing while getting the forecast together.... Luckily I got here before the production crew, so there were no cameras on yet to record any of it, whew!!

Anyways, got a jam-packed next 48 hours.... Basically working 2 double shifts.  As soon as the morning show is finished on FOX 45, I am heading to my hometown of Arcanum to talk to 4th graders about weather and doing a few pretty cool experiments.  Then after that, I am working all afternoon on a sweeps story that will air, that EVERYONE can really "afford" to watch.  I am pretty excited about the story and its impact it can have on you and your wallet.  Tomorrow, Friday, morning I will be back in, to fill in for Mike, and it looks like we will be having quite a chilly morning tomorrow, although not as cool as Saturday and Sunday morning.  After the morning show, I will head home tomorrow grab a quick nap, then as always coming back into the station to shoot high school football highlights. So basically I will be working non-stop for the next 48 hours with the exception of sleeping, although no complaining here.

This weekend will be a tough weekend for the Browns, taking on the Steelers, who always give us a tough time.  It always seems like we lose to them by 3 points, hopefully we will beat them by that much, not to mention hopefully we score a touchdown, haha.  Well time to head outside for the school bus forecast!!  Have a good one!!

71 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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