Friday, October 2, 2009

Frost Advisory going hand in hand with the Holiday Season Kickoff

So as you have been following, it is currently October 1st and the time is 1:50 AM, so you know what has been going on.   All of my Christmas decorations are out of the boxes and currently put up.

I went and tackled the outdoor lights first, since we have a frost advisory, thought I better get the outside done first, then came inside to do the tree and such, which was a lot of fun.  Here is a little added bonus.

Anyways, glad the blustery conditions have left, but these cold temperatures are a refreshing reality that winter is around the corner.   It has been a cool summer, actually one of the tenth coolest summers on record, but still, stepping outside when the wind chill is below freezing, and last week it was near 80 degrees..... only one word can describe that OHIO....  gotta love it, I honestly wouldn't want to forecast anywhere else.... Such a flux of temperatures and weather patterns, I don't know how Booth could stand being in Hawaii that long, haha!!  I love the sunshine, storms, rain, hail, heat, ice, droughts, and snow way to much to want to move anywhere else than Ohio, and that's the honest truth!!

Anyways, 85 days and closing!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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