Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I couldn't help myself....

So it has been so cold and blustery the last few days, which was my "weekend,"  I just couldn't hold myself back and had to do something to being the Christmas cheer....  I have thought of an excuse, if my neighbors complain, I will remind them I went to Ohio State, haha. 

To be honest, I already miss the summer.  Since I am a photog and shoot video for the station a few days a week, I am not looking forward to getting out in the blustery conditions.... at least I got some great winter gear to keep me cold.... hiking a mile and a half to campus at Ohio State a few years back really got me prepared, and luckily I still fit into those clothes, haha!!  

Anyways, it looks like Thursday morning will be the coldest morning in about 5 months, and ironically it will be the morning I will be awake at night putting up lights outside, but the majority of them will be inside, so I hope to get up the lights before it gets too cold....  Don't worry, I will link up pictures of them on here so you can enjoy, and maybe even a little more than just pictures.... ;)

Hope you all are getting as excited as I am.  The next 87 days brings out a whole new Blissful Buck!!  HEHE, or should I say HOHO!!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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