Monday, September 21, 2009

Its Just Another Soggy Sunday

Well most of us didnt see a LOT of rain today, but what we did see was sprinkles here and there and clouds that kept things dreary.  (I say that now, but stronger showers are arriving now, so it will be a rainy night)  Which was alright because it was fitting for the sad day, as the Browns lost again.   The defense looks very solid especially during the first half.  Offense doesn't seem to show up at all... They look all over the place, cant run routes, block, run, catch, or throw.  And then once again, we hold our own for the first half, then the second half looks horrible.  I guess it comes with the teams I root for, like the Reds.  I love the Reds, but they do decent the first half of the season, then the All-Star break hits, and things just go downhill from there.

Getting back to the topic of weather, I mentioned it awhile ago here in the blog.... things still look to be pretty chilly in about a week from now.... I will keep the details coming in the upcoming days.

Andrew Buck Michael

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