Sunday, September 13, 2009

Applefest and a Sore Throat

They really aren't directly related unless you are Andrew Buck Michael....

First off the Applefest was a blast today.  I was eliminated in the fourth round of the cornhole tournament, but up to that point Dawn and I really were playing very well...  It was just amazing to see people getting so worked up over the game and get so upset if one of their bags didn't stick to the board.  Some of these guys would sink all 4 bags in a row and just consider it another day at the park....  Somehow we hung in there for a while.... next year we will wear sweatbands to keep the sweat out of our eyes....364 days away.... get ready Sidney!

So the sore throat.... you may get a kick out of this.   So the last week, it has been comfortable during the day with highs around 80 and lows in the mid 50's.  Well when I was heading to bed Wednesday night, it was pretty warm inside still, so I put a big fan in the front living room window to pull air out of it.  I even put up pillows next to it, so the air didn't wrap around the fan.  I then shut all the windows in the house except the windows in the bedroom, one of which is about 18 inches from my face.  So for about 8 hours, I had 60-50 degree temps rushing at me, needless to say, I woke up feeling like a pipe-cleaner was stuck in my throat.... I know I deserved it, but it hasn't gotten any better and cough drops are only a short form or relief.

On one other note, Buckeyes are looking good, 10-7 with three quarters left...... need to hold on to the ball and make no more big mistakes...... 

Andrew Buck Michael

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