Friday, September 11, 2009

Good (early) Morning

It is shortly after 6 AM and you might have seen me this morning filling in for Mike, who was an MC for a local event last night.  Luckily he picked a good morning for me to fill in.  Well depending on who you ask because this morning was much quieter due to the absence of dense fog.  Now there was a little light patchy fog but most of it was so light and patchy that it was hard to find.

I am VERY excited I got to come in today too because we are getting a taste of the Sidney Apple Fest in the 8 AM show on FOX.  I plan on being there this weekend in the cornhole tournament, so get your practice in because I hope to take home the gold, or at least a few Golden Delicious.

Other good news with the forecast, temperatures are going to remain mild heading into a dry weekend.  This means perfect weather for week three of Friday Night Football, not to mention the HUGE USC vs. OSU game in Columbus this Saturday.  I will be here at the station watching the game, and I hope it is different than last years game.  Keeping things on the Football docket, the rumors are saying that Brady Quinn will be starting on Sunday... I am a little surprised with this, and hope that Brady can hold down the position so we dont have to go through the QB drama every week.  Not to mention the hopes and dreams of winning, dont get me wrong, I just think that we will be "rebuilding" yet another year, this year.

Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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