Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Waa, Waa, Waaaaa..........ca-BOOOOM!

So I was a photog today and was in Eaton with Kylie Conway doing a story on why Eaton Middle School is such a great school, not only because of its athletics, but also because it now has a state grade of Excellence.  I was there for a while, then tried to get some people by the Eaton Post Office to tell me, on camera, why they love Eaton so much.... trust me, when you have a camera out, people try to avoid you at all costs......

But I was only there a short time because the Dayton Police Bomb Squad was called out to Perry Twp to detonate an explosive.  I got there and set up my camera, and then the bomb squad said I had to get back in the vehicle with the windows up for safety... It was very exciting.  Luckily they detonated the explosives back in the horse pasture, on the back side of a steep hill, so you couldn't see the direct blast.   They sounded the three horn sirens and then ..............ca-BOOOOOM!!  It was so loud that you could feel the concussions rock your chest.  Luckily the residents had the bomb squad come out to dispose of some old blasting caps.  They are used to clear out tree stumps and other pesky in-ground problems.  They are not common anymore because of modern machinery, so the blasting caps were from a generation or two ago, which makes them even more dangerous.  Luckily they were discovered and the grandparents had them properly disposed of to keep the grandchildren safe.  It still was quite a site to see, well couldnt see much, so at least quite a treat to hear.  I have always been intrigued with fireworks and all the chemistry that went into it.  Now today wasnt bright and pretty in the sky, but it sure did provide a certain excitement waiting for the blast.

On another side note GREAT weather for the next few days.  Could see a sprinkle Tuesday night, but most of us staying dry as a cold front swings through.  I will be staying home all day tomorrow because my alignment couldn't get fixed until Wednesday morning at 8 AM.  I don't know what is wrong with it, but the coins still jingle when I drive and if I let go of the wheel, the truck cuts hard to the right.... Very weird, cuz I take great care of my vehicles, and all of a sudden Friday I noticed it.  Of course the Applefest was going on last weekend, and no one in the local area was doing any car work on Saturday or Sunday.  Anyways at least with the great weather, I think I will break out my bike and become a little more domesticated and enjoy some cycling.  Its just a shame that Buckeye, my dog, hates bikes, and is super afraid of the sound the chain makes.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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