Monday, September 14, 2009

Cribbs is the man....

It's just a shame the rest of the team couldn't step it up the same way.  Now I am not disappointed, well yea I am, but Vikings are supposed to be an awesome team this year.  I am very proud of Cribbs, who's jersey I wore during the whole game.  Cribbs came out and showed that he is a stud athlete, and hands down my favorite NFL player.  The team did pretty well for the first half, and then just fell apart in the second half.  I did find Brady's fumble comical though, when he cocked his arm to throw then lost it behind himself.

Bengals lost too, and I am sure everyone is aware, Buckeyes lost to USC.  I am not completely surprised, but I REALLY wanted to win that and prove that Big Ten could compete.... I really feel it came down to the coaches and am proud of the players effort.  It was such a heartbreak to see USC march down the field at the end when both teams were exhausted, and score that final TD with hardly any time left on the clock. As an Ohio State Alumni I really wanted a win for all the "big game" losses we had when I was a student there.  The victory was so close you could taste it, but as I put it on twitter, it felt like I was getting worked up and excited for Christmas morning, and then somehow woke up on December 26th.

On a bright note, at least the Browns can only get better from here, haha, have a good one!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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