Friday, September 25, 2009

The True American Way..... Grilling out--Charcoal style

Due to the fact that I do the weather on the weekends, my "weekend" is during the middle of the week, and this week it was Tuesday and Wednesday.  Now luckily it was pretty dry for my days off and it allowed me to get outside and have fun with Buckeye, but best of all, it allowed me to fire up the grill both days. 

I am a huge fan of grilling out.  I made hamburgers and hot dogs(for Buckeye) on Tuesday, and yesterday I soaked a few chicken breasts in BBQ sauce before throwing them on the grill.  Needless to say, the best way to grill out is with charcoal.  When it is a gas grill, it doesn't have that same smokey flavor, and although it still counts as grilling out, I will never bring myself to buying a gas grill, just love the smokey flavor.  As a matter of fact, I already plan on stocking up for winter by buying a few big bags of Kingsford.  I do plan on grilling out, even if its snowing, that way when I get cold out there shoveling the snow, I can come up to the grill to warm up!!

The only problem I have with grilling with charcoals is wasting them.  By the time the food is done, there is PLENTY of time to keep cooking on them, but my food is done, and I let the coals do their thing until its cool enough to bring back into the garage.  I even offered my neighbor the grill once I was finished.  He was out doing some fall flower bed work to get it ready for the spring, and get it all cleaned up.  I was out firing up the grill, we exchanged pleasantries, and he asked how I was; I said "Not to bad, yourself?" He replied, "Well could be better, I could be grilling out."  I just laughed, then once I was finished grilling, he was finished doing yard work and sitting on a lawn chair in his garage relaxing, so I told him, "Its still hot, if you want to do some grilling."  I woulda had no problem with him using it, but I guess we aren't there yet, haha! It is always just a shame to let it go and cool down and waste the rest of the charcoals.   Maybe I will start cooking more meat on there, and save it for my lunch the following days.... Anyways, I hope this inspired you go get out the grill and bring me some freshly grilled food!!  Lol!  Have a good one!

92 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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