Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Morning From Sidney

Well today is my second day off, and thought I would check in from Sidney.  Well as you might have read in my last blog, I thought I had some BAD problems with my alignment.  My appointment was supposed to be this morning at 8 AM, and found out I was going to get charged $10 for rotating my tires, so I decided to rotate them myself beforehand, and I am lucky I did.  After taking off the first three tires, the fourth had a pretty big bulge in it, and had actually split right down the middle of the tread revealing the wire webbing inside.  It looked like it had dry rot on that part of the tire, so I am chalking it up to a bad tire because they are all pretty new tires.  So I put on the spare, which is full size, took the truck out on the highway, and it drove straight as an arrow......  So now instead of having to pay to get an alignment, I have to pay even more to get a new tire...

Today, I want to get some things done around town.  I am still looking for a coffee shop or establishment open 24 hours with free wireless internet....If anyone knows of any in Sidney, let me know!!  But I need to get some grocery shopping done today, mow the grass, go for a run, then take Buckeye for a walk.

It is a long way out and it will more than likely change a little, but it looks like we are in for a cold blast of air coming the week of the 28th, in a week an a half...

Andrew Buck Michael

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