Monday, September 7, 2009

A little dinner chat....

I made some oatmeal here at the station, and thought I would pop on here for a minute or two.

Buckeyes really know how to make things interesting... imagine how bad the game COULD have turned out yesterday, luckily we took the ball on the two point attempt and returned it.... The way the offense was playing in the fourth quarter wouldn't mean good things for overtime, if it came down to that. USC game is going to be very interesting, but the Bucks really need to get their head into the game if we want to compete with the PAC pace of game. I drove through Columbus today and as I went through campus, it really made me miss my days there as a Buckeye. Oh if you plan on going up for the USC game, dont forget 315 has a lot of entrance and exit ramps closed.

Man were there a ton of police out today, an Ohio State Patrol was at every median turn-around today, or so it seemed. I drove back from Cleveland today, and I had to have seen at least 30-40 police, but I guess its a good thing, making sure the highways were safe for others.

Well Labor Day is here tomorrow, meaning fall has begun, and no more wearing white (I never understood that). Weather looks to be changing a lot too, we have seen BEAUTIFUL weather the last week, and it looks like rain will be here on an off for the next week, so it looks like I need to get the grass mowed early tomorrow morning before it gets too wet. At least with the weather being so wet and dreary, it will give me time to stay inside and work on my mopeds.

I also plan on stopping by the MDA telethon tonight so keep an eye out for me! I will be on pretty late either 10:50 or 11:50.

Have a good one!
Andrew Buck Michael

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