Friday, September 18, 2009

Early Morning Run = Late Night Energy

So I made a new decision today.  When I go running as soon as I wake up and have an apple, I have so much more energy for the rest of the day...  I know I have been told that before, and did it in college, but its just refreshing to feel so energized late in the evening.  I normally would just run in the late morning or early afternoon after a full breakfast or even lunch, but NO MORE I say!  If only Buckeye wasn't blinded by cataracts then he could run with me.  He runs with me across the baseball diamonds by our house, only because he can hear my feet and trusts that I am not running around trees.

On another note, I started taking down my winter clothes out of the back of the closets..... its that time of year again.  It was freezing this morning when I took Buckeye out at 7 AM, not to mention during my run, and I decided it was time...  But I did say I took them out of the back of my closet, but the boxes still sit in the middle of the computer rooms floor....  Couldn't bring myself to putting away summer clothes.

On one final note, I went to the 7 car pile-up that was on 75 last night just south of Sidney.   It was a complete mess and what made it worse was the fact it was on a bridge, so the entire hallway was bottle-necked for 2-3 miles.  The good news, is that there were no life-threatening injuries.  Well I am out, time to do some editing.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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