Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Labor Day

Well to all of you who have the day off, I am officially jealous.  You wont see me on camera today, but that is because I am a photographer and shooting video for news stories.  It is one part of my multi-role here at Daytons News Source, from doing the weather, to reporting, to shooting video of news/sports/weather, to who knows what else I might be told to do.....  At least it keeps it interesting!!  I never know what to expect when I come into work.

Anyway we started off today pretty rainy with parts of the area seeing over 2 inches of rain, and after the last 7-8 days without rain, we could use it, despite it being Labor Day.  At least the early afternoon turned out dry for parades and other community activities.   I passed many people on my way into work getting out the grills trying to get a few burgers on it before the rain picks back up, good thinking, because more rain is on the way.

Back-tracking now, I had a late night last night at the MDA telethon with Candice and Pete, but it was good times.  Pete joked around saying that I was dressed like Ryan Seacrest, goodtimes all around.  Anyways, I was there until around midnight, so I enjoyed sleeping in a little today before I took a run around my neighborhood in Sidney.

Speaking of Sidney, I hope to see a few of you out at the Sidney Apple Fest this weekend!  I just hope you all have been brushing up on your cornhole skills because my girlfriend, Dawn, and I plan on entering the tournament.  Expect to find me practicing on my days off on Tuesday and Wednesday coming up....  Come join if you want!  Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Andrew Buck Michael

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