Saturday, September 12, 2009

Exciting Weekend

It looks like weather this weekend will be BEAUTIFUL!!!  This is great news, because in my opinion, it will be the first official weekend of fall sports because we now have football on Friday with high school, Saturday with college, and Sunday with the NFL. 

I will be back at the CJ and West Carrollton games tonight, so looking forward to a lot of action again like last week.  Tomorrow is the big game everyone in Ohio has been looking forward to since the end of last Buckeye season, well at least until the Michigan game.  USC has been talked up a lot and I am getting a little nervous about them coming to Ohio.  The last game I felt the same was Texas back in 2005.  This time for the "big game" I will not be in Columbus, instead I will be in the weather center watching the game on a 13 inch tv...  Feel free to swing by with wings if you want!!

Then to finish off the weekend, we got the Browns.  I am a little nervous about this game as well.  Not for any particular reason, but I always get nervous for the Browns.  I am very jealous of my girlfriend, Dawn, who will be attending the Browns game on Sunday.  Once again, I will be watching that game in the weather center on a 13 inch tv....

I will be doing some non-football things this weekend, to your surprise. As I wrote earlier, I will be at the Shelby County Apple Fest in Sidney.  Very excited for the cornhole tournament that takes place at 10 AM on Saturday.  Maybe I will see a few of you there!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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