Saturday, June 11, 2011

So long heat & humidity

Today was a pretty hot & sticky again. I spent the morning at the soccer fields watching Dawn's cousins play for the last time of the regular season. While it was still warm and humid, it will soon be least for a few days. The cold front is slowly pushing though this evening and with it moving through so slow it has only tripped off a light shower or two... most of the area has remained dry.

Yesterday was another story. We had storms in the morning while I was filling in for Mike on the morning show. The storms cleared out and then fired up again in the late afternoon. I got together with my fellow Dayton Area Moped Riders for a moped ride around Middletown and the surrounding communities. The rain scared off a lot of people, but after waiting out the first storm for fifteen minutes we diehard riders were golden the rest of the evening riding around to different parks. It was a lot of fun because once the storm rolled over we rode toward it...nothing cooler than zipping along on a two stroke bike with continuous lightning exploding out of the sky in front of you.
On a side note, the lilies that Dawn and I transplanted from our old place in Sidney have started blooming... a true sign that summer is officially around the corner. I moved them further away the house this earlier this spring to make sure they got more rain and sunlight and they seem to be loving the new location.
As I already mentioned...cooler temps and lower humidity for the next few days, but the humidity and warmth will return slowly for the week ahead. More storms will arrive MAYBE late Tuesday, but a better chance Wednesday and Thursday, but they still appear to be in the scattered nature and not a washout as a warm front moves through. Enjoy the next few days and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. The rain sounds cool to me. We can use some of it.


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