Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Quick Vegas trip, working extra, new podcast episode

The wife and I took a quick trip to Las Vegas with some of her family and a couple of their friends. It was a lot of fun to get away, but it was actually very chilly there!
Timing just happened to line up with the half marathon, so I did run that. It started in the late afternoon and you run as the sun is going down and Vegas turns on all the awesome lights. Fun event!
Now I am back home and back to reality. Our 5 person weather team is down to 4 people right now, so I have been working a lot of extra shifts. Being short-staffed at work is a big reason why I have not had as much time to updated the blog. I am trying to get to it, but then something else is added to my plate. I am backing off on school talks until we get another person on the team. And we have had a lot of extra projects at home. I had to fix our washing machine. I am also building this custom end table for our living room with recessed cup holders and a powerbank. I am also refinishing an hallway table I found for the kids to use as a craft table. Cut down the legs and found some great wooden toddler chairs. We also got a bunk bed for the kids and reorganizing some of the rooms. I built 3 bookcases yesterday for more shelving. Always something going on.  
I have been logging some big miles with some friends. We did 24 miles at Tar Hollow recently. Lots of big hills and climbing there. Also a lot of downed trees across the trail making it more of an obstacle course than a true run.
My latest episode of "Weathering The Run" is out, with Star Blackford. She talked about heat training for running Badwater 135 across Death Valley. Not only just about getting the body ready for the heat, but getting the body ready to take on lots of fluids to run across the hottest place on earth. This coming year will be her second time running the race, but she often goes out to help crew other runners attempting to battle the elements. I have a couple other guests lined up and excited to chat with them. I don't feel like it is a lot of extra work because I am always excited to hear the craziest weather they have had to endure. 
Hopefully you enjoyed the beautiful sunshine as we celebrated the Spring Equinox yesterday. Today we will see more clouds arriving through the day with morning temps dipping into the lower 30s and then rebounding back to around 57 this afternoon. We stay dry today and it is the only dry day on the 7-day forecast. This evening rain showers will start arriving from the southwest and we will have light rain overnight and temps dipping to around 40. Cloudy for Wednesday with the early light rain showers and then another wave of rain showers later in the day. We may see some spotty light rain during the day itself, but most of the rain will be early and then again late. High temps in the mid 50s on Wednesday. Thursday we get a surge of warm air and morning temps will be around 50 then we reach a high around 70 by the afternoon. The extra warmth will give more fuel for scattered showers and storms on and off for the day. Right now severe storms are not likely, but localized flooding will start to be a concern for Thursday through Saturday. Heavy rain at times for Thursday through Saturday. Friday and Saturday will be cooler with highs in the 50s. Rainfall totals will vary depending on the track of the heavier pockets of rain, but 2” of rain possible for some areas and even localized locations could see more than 3” of rain by Saturday night. Sunday we get a slight break in the rain with mostly cloudy skies, but another wave of rain possible Sunday night into next Monday. Highs around 60 for the weekend and then lower 60s on Monday. So get outside and enjoy the mild, dry day today! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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