Tuesday, February 21, 2023

First Father-Daughter Dance, running fun, & new podcast!

I took Summer to our first Father-Daughter dance last weekend. We both had a lot of fun. I am excited to see her grow up into an amazing woman, but I will really miss these younger moments. 

Weather has been up and down lately, but generally up. I have been able to take Evan out for some runs in the stroller lately. So for February, that has been nice. 

I love being able to see unique things on my runs. Daffodils were already blooming on my run at Great Seal State Park over the weekend. I also found this unique tree. Not sure what caused the bark to be shredded like this, but I reached out to ODNR to see what they think. 
Sooooo... I started a thing. A podcast! I love hearing people's stories about crazy weather on their runs and chatting with people. So why not actually host conversations?!?! You can find Weathering The Run on any of your favorite podcasting apps. The main website is anchor.fm/weatheringtherun if you want to listen to the episodes on a web browser. I have debated doing a WordPress to also host the content, but I am not sure of the benefits of doing that to be honest.  
So far I have the trailer out and Episode #1 with my good buddy Mike Gampp. I also have the second interview done and that will be released March 1st with Samuel Hartman. Both are great episodes and I am very thankful for both of them helping me get it started. The interview coming out with Samuel is jam packed and it went longer than the 30 minutes I had planned because there was so many great stories and things to cover. So go check out what is out already. And if you can, please subscribe and review. I don't think there are any reviews yet, so you could be the first one! Plus it helps others find the podcast. Thanks!
Each day this week has something to be prepared for in Central Ohio. Today and Thursday will be our windiest days. Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be our wettest day. Thursday will be our warmest day and forecasted to tie the daily record high temperature followed by Friday being our coldest day.
Pockets of fog this morning in some of the valleys, but winds are picking up so that will not last too long. We have a weak disturbance causing some light rain showers in Indiana early this morning and they are going to swing into Ohio early this morning with clouds. This will kick out east fast with some afternoon sun coming out for Central Ohio. Temperatures are around 40 now and only warm to 48 this afternoon. Winds will pick up today and be strongest midday with gusts 35 mph possible, out of the west.

Tonight our temperatures fall into the mid-lower 30s, especially Northern Ohio. Rain showers will move in by daybreak tomorrow and Northern Ohio could start out as a wintry mix then change over to rain. It will be a wet morning with rain most of the morning then a break in the rain midday and the afternoon. Temperatures will climb into the lower 60s by late in the day. We will have winds out of the southeast 10-15 mph. Another round of rain likely later tomorrow including a few rumbles of thunder, but severe weather not likely.

Thursday will start out with some early rain and then sun tries coming out with temps going from the upper 50s in the morning to the lower 70s by the afternoon. It will be windy on Thursday with winds out of the southwest 20-30 mph and gusts 45 mph possible. A cold front will sweep across Ohio in the late afternoon and evening and that may trigger some isolated rain again. Temps fall fast Thursday night.

Friday is partly cloudy with morning temps around 28 and a high of 37. The weekend has some very weak disturbances with a slight chance of some showers. Morning temps around 30 and highs around 50. More rain looking likely next Monday with temps in the upper 50s. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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