Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer's bed head, watermelon, & getting hot

Summer LOVES watermelon.  She could eat it all day long if you let her.  Good thing I have a few watermelons plants in the garden!
Saturday we went swimming, but without a nap she was getting a little fussy by the late afternoon.
Then when she woke up she had quite curly hair.  Looks like she might have picked that up from me.  Because Dawn's hair is VERY straight.
She also got a new birthday present that she LOVES! Summer is blurry because she was dancing.  When you push the mouse on the back of the elephant it will squeak once then it will play a song.  She kept hitting the mouse for about half an hour last night and danced. 
My father-in-law LOVES washing the car and he wanted to detail our Honda CR-V yesterday.  I helped and boy does it shine!  That hood is black where I took the reflection.
It's going to be a sunny & warm day ahead! 
After a beautiful weekend, we will continue seeing sun through the start of the week as our temperatures climb to near 90. Mostly sunny today and Tuesday and then more clouds by Wednesday. A chance of scattered showers and storms Wednesday and Thursday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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