Saturday, July 11, 2015

Haircut, Potato Salad Guy, Summer's 1st month, & storms return

Got that hair did this week... Whoop to getting the thumbs up with a little hipper style.
Speaking of hip... I had Zach Danger Brown on the morning show for my Social Buzz With Buck segment.  You may know him as The Potato Salad Guy... but his latest Indiegogo crowdfunding launches Monday for "A Jet Ski."  He wants to buy a jet ski and make every backer an owner.  They can come ride it one weekend, then they will file it down to shavings, or powder, and then each owner can get to keep their part of it.  Crazy? Yes.  Will it reach it's goal of $3,900?  Probably.  Do I love crazy stuff?  Yes.
Today was BEAUTIFUL!  Garden needed some sun, for sure.
We did a 4 mile family walk around downtown.  Summer slept most of the time and was too young still to enjoy the fountains. 
BUT, she did turn 1 month old yesterday!  Trying to get photos can be quite difficult, especially trying to get her to look toward the camera.  
Get ready for the storms to return!
Increasing clouds tonight with some rain showers possible by daybreak Sunday. More showers and storms possible into Sunday afternoon with isolated severe storms possible. Scattered showers and storms Monday as well with scattered severe storms possible. Scattered showers and storms Tuesday with lingering rain early Wednesday then high pressure builds for a brief dry spell. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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