Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer is 3 weeks old... and quick trip to Cincy

When people say your life changes when you have a kid, they are not changing.  I wanted to lay in the hammock on Monday morning... so while holding Summer I put up the hammock and we were out there for a little bit.
One of my freshmen roommates from Ohio State came by Monday.  He wasn't quite comfortable holding Summer, but we are just getting him ready to be a daddy... whenever that happens to be. ;)
So Summer actually turns 4 weeks old today, but here is her 3 week old photo.  Dawn and I said that we want to take photos over her in the same area for her monthly birthdays to really show her getting bigger.  
Yesterday we ran back to Dayton so Dawn could check in with her cousins/work colleagues.  While she was there, I ran down to Cincinnati to sell some moped parts to my good buddy Sam.  Sam likes fast mopeds and likes to make coffee drinks that go bye fast... because they are so delicious.  Thanks Sam!
Temperatures cooler for Wednesday with light north winds, but staying humid, cloudy, and scattered showers possible.   More showers and storms tonight and Thursday, then lesser of a chance of rain heading into the start of the weekend.  By the weekend our temperatures will be into the mid-upper 80's and humid. Have a good one!
Andrew Buck Michael

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