Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer's first few HOT days... and drier days to come.

If that smile doesn't melt your heart... then you may be a tin man!  As Summer can slowly start seeing more and more, her smiles keep getting bigger and bigger.  She can see contrasting things the best, so we have been quite active during my two days off earlier this week...
Thursday we went down to Hocking Hills.  Summer was awake for the start of the trails looking up at the sky and trees, but then fell asleep quickly due to the bouncing bjorn.  
Friday morning I had to emcee a couple stages at the Jazz and Ribs Festival in Columbus.  I made the joke that since I brought Summer Rain with me... that no more rain needed to come to the festival... I had a couple chuckles. 
We came back in the evening with some friends to enjoy the festival and it was a great time.  Dawn said that we were owning the "parent look"  with the bjorn and backpack. 
Dawn snuck in the nursery and snapped this photo this morning.  Dawn wakes up for the feedings throughout the night, then after the last feeding I take Summer out of the bedroom.  Summer grunts and makes noises for two hours before she actually wakes up.  So I let Dawn sleep while Summer and I hang out on the boppy in the nursery.
We broke the 100° mark with the heat index yesterday.  The actual high temperature was 91° for the sixth 90° day of the year.  It was TOASTY!  Today we only warmed up to 87° for the temperature, so the heat index got close to the mid 90's.

We shouldn't warm up any warmer than that... thanks to today's storms.
Tomorrow we will be even cooler.  We have two pushes of cooler/drier air on the way. The first push comes tonight with the first cold front. The cold front will also trigger showers and storms Sunday evening and they will last a little into the overnight with some gusty winds in the storms.  Overnight some patchy fog forming by daybreak Monday. Monday will be partly cloudy with more clouds later and cold front number two arriving Monday night. This will also bring the chance for showers and storms late Monday into early Tuesday.  By Tuesday afternoon the drier and cooler air will settle in and we will see several dry days with pleasant temperatures. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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