Thursday, July 30, 2015

4 year anniversary & Summer goes swimming

Hard to believe that it has been four year since Dawn and I were married at Ohio State.  
That day was so much fun.
Yea... it was a LOT of fun!
And couldn't ask for better friends to surround us.
So we finally got a good camera.  We were taking cell phone photos and we noticed when we got them printed how horrible they looked.  We want to capture memories clear and crisp, so we looked around for a great deal on a DLSR camera.  It's been fun getting some practice around the house.
My sister had a coupe days off of work so she came to visit.  We went to the pool yesterday.
Summer was not a fan at first, but Dawn and I convinced her that the water was better after you were in it for a while. 
A cold front is sweeping through the area for your Thursday morning. The rain and clouds will be moving out to the east through the morning. More sunshine by midday with lower humidity and cooler temperatures.  We stay sunny Friday with another weak cold front early Saturday. There is a very slight chance of rain with that cold front, but then we clear out again heading into Sunday.  More scattered rain returns Monday and Tuesday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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