Thursday, July 23, 2015

28 hours off work = jam packed fun

I worked yesterday on the morning show and I got off work at 10:30 in the morning and then back at 2:30PM today.  So that means LOTS of time for just about everything!
Right after work yesterday we loaded up and headed back to the family farm.  We had a lot of fun, but my mom let Summer sleep all day so she was a fussy mess all night.  Thanks mom!  Dawn, Summer and I did grab dinner with Marcus at Nasty's last night for their wing night.
I brushed thoroughly before my dentist appointment today.  Got two thumbs up from that.
And then we decided to take a family trip to Ohio State.  The sun was out strong so I let Summer wear my hat for a while since hers fell off her head more. 
Summer wasn't too excited to be unpacked for a quick family photo inside the Ohio Stadium.
She liked the bjorn much more.  This photo is almost identical to the one we have just after getting married.  So we plan on doing a before and after photo next week on our anniversary. 
Mirror Lake was on the way back to the car...
And so was Brutus.  The GoPro makes her head look a lot like Brutus's head. 
So then rushed into work.  Then during my dinner break I ripped out the broccoli plants and planted a couple tomato plants and seven green pepper plants.  My other pepper and tomato plants are doing well, but I wanted to plant a few late-season plants since the water has hurt a few of the other plants.  Some think it is too late into the season, but considering how wet and cool June has been... I think it is the perfect timing for some late-season bloomers.
High pressure keeping the skies mostly clear tonight and Friday for Central Ohio. Our temperatures will continue slowly warming over the coming days.  A weak disturbance will arrive late Saturday and bring a very slight chance of rain for late Saturday. A few more scattered showers/storms Sunday as well.  With temperatures warming to to the mid-upper 80's for much of the 7-day forecast, we will have the slight chance for afternoon pop-up showers and storms most of the extended forecast as well.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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