Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stormy Wednesday, Cool Temps Return

Well, after getting hit by the car the other night, I got my moped back to 100% on Sunday night.  Just had to tweak the disc brake rotor back to flush and replace the brake handle... A fun Sunday overnight project on a warm night.  I have been dreaming of warm nights all winter for moped projects... just wish it wasn't necessary.  Oh well, had fun.
Heart breaking story in the Plains with the tornadoes.  Today and tomorrow I will be doing a lot of behind the scenes help with tracking our own threat of severe weather.  Luckily today we had a weak surface high to keep the storms from popping too early.  A handful of storms did fire later, but no warnings with them.  Those are my favorite.
Taking a look at the Ohio Valley threat for severe weather for Wednesday... There is a slightly better chance for severe weather for Wednesday than the last few days.
The map above highlights the chances for a severe thunderstorm within a twenty-five mile radius.  As you can see, Ohio has the best chances for severe weather tomorrow.  The main threat will be strong and damaging straight line winds.  There is a marginal threat for damaging hail and even a less chance for a quick spin-up.  Winds are what we will be watching very close tomorrow.  We all remember the wind storm from June of last year... not looking like that, thankfully.

So a stormy second half of your Wednesday, but not the entire day.  A few lingering showers on Thursday as a cold front pushes through.  Then the weather I have been looking forward to returning. 

Our A/C has been out all week and it has been pretty hot in the house.  For Friday and into the weekend, our highs will be around 70 and lows around 50.  Looking forward to that!  There is a slim chance for rain early next week, but the models not quite agreeing on timing or location.  So just sit tight through the storms tomorrow, enjoy the weekend, and I will have more updates.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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