Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tracking more rain...

Had a great moped ride Thursday.  We met at Sonic and then rode around a little more.  Had seven of us all together.  Slowly and surely building a solid group of riders.
It seems like every time I am on the blog I am tracking rain.  Yesterday was pretty nasty with the storms and then steady showers through the afternoon.  Today there is a second cold front, but only a few gusty showers with it.  It is moving through Western Ohio currently and will be arriving to Columbus about 9PM - 9:30PM.  Once this moves through then we will cool off a lot for the upcoming days with highs in the upper 50's and overnight lows dipping into the upper 30's with some outlying areas getting even colder.  So you may want to cover the plants.

The good news is that the chilly days will be short-lived.  By the middle of the week we will be right back into the 80's.  Pool time!

As for the rain... It looks like a VERY slim chance for a sprinkle across Northern Ohio Sunday.  You can see in the radar look that there is enough lift for a stray sprinkle to the far North.  Tuesday a warm front will lift through Ohio (bringing the warmer temps) and could trigger a shower or two, but not a very good chance.  The next decent chance for rain will be Thursday and mainly later in the day.  I will have an update on that tomorrow in case there are any timing changes. In the mean time, early Happy Mother's Day, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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