Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pinball Run and HOT for Ohio with storms

This is a video I made during my dinner break.  I was asked to help forecast a major moped event.  It will be a 1800 mile (I said 1300 in the clip) race from Maine to the Keys.  The race will be from August 30th to September 8 this year.  I will not be able to go, but I will be doing daily forecasts for the race to help those out that seek some forecast assistance. 
Here locally... getting HOT! We have lucked out today that the rain has stayed to the north for the afternoon and evening.  Our high in Columbus was 86° today and even hotter for the next few days with highs near 90° and humidity climbing as well.  Wednesday does not look wet because we will not have anything to trigger storms to start, but the ingredients are there.  Thursday we may have enough energy pushing out ahead of the approaching cold front to trigger a late-day shower or storm.  Friday the same situation... and again for Saturday with increasing chances each day.  

Think of the approaching cold front as someone jumping in a pool that is nice and calm.  The further away you are from the person, the smaller the wave or ripple.  As the person gets close (or the cold front producing rain marching out) the waves will get larger and that little ripple or bump in the atmosphere will trigger showers and storms once we break through a cap.  The ingredients will be present, but there is a bubble in the atmosphere that we need to break.  Sometimes, if it gets hot enough you can do it without the wave, but you have to get REALLY hot.

Anyway, a few chances for late-day showers and storms later this week, but the cold front looks to arrive on Sunday and that will be our best chances for rain.  By early next week, we are back into the mid 70's for highs.  Until then, keep the umbrella handy, stay cool, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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