Saturday, November 2, 2013

e50 rebuild, dry weather returns

I spent this week scheduling school talks and it had me working in weird places.  If a school called back I would have to drop what I was doing and get it all taken care of.  Happy to have everything all set up.
I worked on another e50 today.  Always fun to crack open a motor and check out the internals.  I was hoping to just check the bearings and get away without new bearings and seals, but there were a couple of bad bearings so I had to take them off.  Looks like it will be about a week before I can button the motor back up.  I also worked on the headset of my white Maxi today.  I think I have the issue solved.  It kept wanting to walk loose and I made a locking washer and used a different nut for the top of the triple tree.  I also think I am going to mount the Motion Left pipe that I have. 

As for the weather... a few rain showers for Saturday night, but then we dry out.  Mix of sun and clouds for the coming days.  The clouds will be pretty pesky for a while.  We will stay on the cool side and try to slowly warm up heading toward midweek.  Another strong cold front and the potential for strong storms Wednesday night into Thursday.  Very similar set-up to the storms we just had Thursday night, although not quite as strong.  I am running the Ohio State Four Miler next Saturday and right now it is looking pretty chilly with temperatures in the mid 30's for the morning low.  Yikes!  Stay warm and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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