Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More photos from Cedar Point

Summer wore her Kentucky Derby hat to Cedar Point this weekend.
And Dawn wore a LOT of sunscreen.
Summer got her first view of Lake Erie.
And had a lot of fun.
One final family photo before leaving the park.
Love this photo.
So would Winnie the Pooh be the most interesting thing on the couch?
Nope.  Summer is now learning that she can control her feet so she loves moving them and watching them.  On Saturday she was trying to grab them with her hands.  Not quite there, but fun to watch and she is HIGHLY entertained.
The weather has been GREAT for riding the bike!  Rode my Honda in yesterday.
Feeling like a fall week... which works out well with kids heading back to school. Tuesday and Wednesday will feel more like mid-late September.  Partly cloudy for the next few days with more clouds north than to the south. Could see a spotty shower Wednesday, mainly to the north.  Then we stay dry until the slight chance of rain returning for the weekend. We will also warm up heading toward the weekend as well. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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