Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Update on Today's Severe Weather

 Yesterday was quite a doozy for the Plains.  Over 40 reports of hail over 2" in diameter.  YIKES!
The latest forecast outlook today has shifted the severe weather for Ohio a little more south.  The cold front has pushed in drier air and Northern Ohio will be a little too calm for a lot of severe weather, but still possible there.
The odds listed in these next three images is the chances for tornadio/severe hail/severe wind within a 25 mile radius.  So above with the tornado odds, it has Southern Ohio with the best odds of seeing a tornado.
The same goes for the severe criteria winds, 58+ mph.  Southern Ohio has the best conditions.
And hail falls in the same location.  Do keep in mind, Central Ohio is still on the fringe of the area of concern.
Above image is the current radar as of 9AM.  Round 1 of the rain is the Indiana-Ohio border.  That will likely stay below severe criteria.  Then behind that we will pump in warm, humid air before the second line that is pushing into Indiana.
Above is the forecast model of what the radar will look like around 2PM.  Notice the first round firing up some storm cells.  The timing is a little slow, but it keeps the heaviest cells mainly south of I-70 for Ohio.
The above image shows the FutureRadar for 9PM and the cells are leaving, but the heaviest cells are again, south of I-70. 

Still a very real threat for severe weather and time-frame still looks like midday showers and storms and then between 3-9PM for the most severe weather.  Always keep in mind, my Twitter account, @AndrewWSYX6, tweets ALL severe weather warnings and watches, so be sure to check that for any up-to-the-second updates. Stay alert and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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