Sunday, June 8, 2014

Golf with @VinceTornado, @ColsArtsFest, & Wedding

Alex and I were scrounging to find a fourth to join our golfing excursion last week and I thought... Hmm ... what about Vince Tornado?  He really just wanted to drive around and enjoy the beauty... and harass the other in our foursome.  He stopped doing that when he started playing on the fourth hole.  Good times.
Friday was the start of the Columbus Arts Fest.  I was there right at the kickoff and it was a lot of fun with Rob Wells in the tent.  So many people.  Great to meet some of you guys!
I had to go at the kickoff because Dawn was in a wedding Saturday so we went back to Cleveland for that.  Lots of fun.
Tonight I did my LIVE weather chat on YouTube... and then I found out that I spilled some of my dinner on my shirt...  It is at 16:24 in to the video:
There is a decent chance for rain through the middle of the week.  Monday will be dry for Central Ohio, but then from later Tuesday through Friday we will have scattered showers and storms, so keep the umbrella or rain coat handy.  Saturday and most of Sunday look dry.  Temps will be in the 80's all week long so if you want to hit the pool between the rain, it should be nice.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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