Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another active week with final baby preps

I love Columbus and even though Bend didn't have men's sizes of their Columbus printed leggings... that didn't stop me!  I love getting a little goofy on TV when it is appropriate.

The nursery is as ready as can be!
I put up the last of the shelves that I stained this week.  I also hung up the nine photo collage that Dawn's mother drew.  It looks awesome.
We also had to boil all the bottles and other baby feeding stuff.  Had to boil it at first to sanitize it all from the factory.
I rode my motorcycle back to Dayton this week.  Had to pick up Dawn's wedding rings because they were cleaned by the jeweler and so we both got what we wanted... I got to take a nice ride through the countryside and she got her rings back. 
Dawn and I are trying to enjoy as much time together as possible.  We had some heavy showers yesterday and we watched from the patio.  No lightning, but a nice shower passing by just west of the house... (Meaning no rain for the garden.)
I am back on the morning show today.  I swapped hours with Phil Kelly so that way I can get back to my sister's graduation.  Well... after a brief nap.  I am going to be TIRED tonight!  But back on GDC again tomorrow morning.
Scattered showers/storms today with a cold front moving through this afternoon. Heavy rain possible across Northern Ohio. Temperatures will fall once the cold front moves through and much lower humidity pushing in for Monday.  Cooler with lower humidity to start the workweek, then all the heat, humidity, and storms return later in the week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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