Thursday, June 20, 2013

What the heck!

Today has not been my day.  I couldn't fall asleep last night until nearly 3AM... I woke up around 10:30AM and felt like I slept half the day away.  So needed to run a few errands.  Dry cleaners was quick and easy, so was running to the Crew Stadium.  Then I stop by the garage.  I couldn't get the new garage door opener to program... I think the clicker is too old of a model.  Then I try tightening the triple tree on my Maxi because it is a little loose when I hit the front brakes and no go there.  I felt that I wasted too much time at the garage so I leave.  Luckily I did jump in the pool for a couple minutes to just de-stress before work.  I get to work and everything is going fine.  I run out to dinner and then...
I have only worn the shoes for two days and the heel falls off.  Ugh!  At least I had my golf shoes to pass as dress shoes on-air for tonight.   I plan on going home and going straight to bed...  And set my alarm for 7AM.  I feel that I would prefer less sleep and more daylight to get stuff done than get sleep and not get stuff done... busy body, I guess.

So it did get a little warmer this evening.  The humidity will slowly creep up again for Friday and especially for the weekend when it will feel like the mid 90's.  The big question now is rain.  There will be plenty of heat and moisture to fuel a shower into becoming a storm, but there does not look to be any decent trigger for the initiation.

I explained it briefly on my Facebook page.  Think about it like this... When storms roll in and you are outside, you know that gust of wind that comes ahead of the storm?  That is called an outflow.  On the radar, you can sometimes spot these gusts of wind, or outflow boundaries lifting the air ahead of the storms.  Well even when a storm does, that bit of energy still exists.  (Jump in a calm pool and watch the ripples)  There is a line of storms pushing toward Chicago Friday and dieing at night.  If there is enough energy from that outflow to push through Indiana overnight and into Ohio on Saturday, when we will be getting close to 90°, then we could trigger a shower.  All we need is one or two to fire.  Because by then they will pop-up and not move a lot.  Then if you have two showers pop (two people jump in a calm pool) then their waves of energy will crash and when they crash it will have that extra umph to fire another shower or storm.  The pattern will continue as long as we have something to initiate it from the beginning because there is not major chance in our weather pattern for a while.  That is why I went with a 20% chance of rain starting Saturday and through the middle of next week.  The rain that will pop up will be isolated and bring a decent amount of rain to the few that see it... but with not major shift in our winds or weather pattern then the storms will not be moving much and remain isolated... popcorn rain is what I like to call it.  So the big question is will we have it pop on Saturday.  That will play a huge role in our pattern from Sunday and on.

Anyway, I better get back to work... Gotta say.. these golf shoes are quite comfy.  Anyway, stay cool this weekend, keep an eye to the sky and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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