Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Still on cue for tonight's storms

In at work now.  Here is the latest Futurecast, RPM model.  A few isolated storms are expected to fire along the warm front for Northern Ohio between 6PM and 9PM, but the main line of severe weather will roll through for nearly all of Ohio between 11PM and 3AM tonight.  Be sure to stay alert and again, my twitter account, @AndrewWSYX6 will tweet any and all severe watches and warnings.
The first Tornado Watch has been issued for Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.   Stay vigilant.  I will be running social media for the station tonight.  There will be a LIVE CHAT on our Facebook page.

Feel free to visit and leave any questions.  That should fire up around 5PM and will be at the top of the page all night.  Seriously, any questions, jump over there to the LIVE CHAT because I will be signing off of the blog for the night.  Be safe and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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