Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Still on course...

We are still set to see the precipitation arrive in the morning hours on Friday....

Also still looking at a rain/snow mix for the southern half of the Miami Valley on Friday-day.... right now still to early to say whether Highway 35, 70, 36, or 47 will be that dividing line.... But if you live right on the northern side of the rain/snow line, that will be where the deeper accumulation will settle.  Anyone seeing the rain/snow will cut down the snowfall totals.  I still feel that on average 4-7" is a good estimate for recent models.  Since it is moving in a little earlier, we will see the warmth of daytime keep temperatures near the freezing mark until Friday evening when it will switch back to all snow for everyone.

Another thing to think about is icing on the roadways during the day on Friday.  The mix will freeze over on untreated roads Friday evening and ice hidden under the snow will cause drivers to feel "safe" on snow but forget that a sheet of ice may be hiding underneath. 

As we head into Saturday winds will be between 10-20 mph, so drifting snow will also be a problem that will linger after the snow has stopped.

I will have another update mid-morning Thursday, until then, have a good one!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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